Screw Clamp

Our vklema screw terminals are characterized by very good mechanical and electrical properties. Our solutions are widely used in the energy market, enjoying a good opinion of our customers, meeting the requirements of EN60947-7-1, EN60947-7-2, EN61238, EN 60999. We have aluminum clamps with a tightening torque from 15 Nm to 40Nm, as well as steel clamps with a tightening torque of 40 Nm. Nominal cross-sections that can be installed in our terminals range from 16 mm2 for solid round conductors to 300 mm2 for multi-strand round conductors. In the structures, we use both galvanized and stainless steel in combination with aluminum and brass, using at the same time appropriate galvanic coatings protecting against the negative influence of the environment or intercrystalline corrosion.