Laboratory services

We regularly cooperate with various types of companies in the telecommunications, energy, machinery and transport industries. Thanks to this, we know the needs of our clients. This, in turn, meant that in addition to the production and sale of a wide range of elements, we expanded our offer with professional laboratory services (metrology and others).

For this purpose, we have created special rooms for conducting individual tests. They are equipped with modern and precise equipment and operated by qualified professionals.

We offer high quality tests of:

  • mechanical properties,
  • material tests,
  • non-destructive testing (NDT),
  • metal research,
  • and other.

We have state-of-the-art test benches and machines:

  • penetration Test Line,
  • metallography station,
  • plastic injection simulation software,
  • aging chamber,
  • climatic chamber,
  • stand for testing paint coatings (e.g. testing of drawability, hardness, impact strength),
  • IP testing stand,
  • torque testing machine.

We also run a prototyping laboratory where we make individual elements and check their properties or functionality, and then we look for opportunities to improve a given solution.